PRO Elim

FCE wanted to give the youth from the transit homes the opportunity to work in a safe environment where they could learn what being employed meant. So in 2001 FCE began the company PRO Elim. A hair salon, a tire shop and a car wash were set up, and later also a coffee shop. All of this was a Str N Balcescu 79.
The hair salon was built up by an American volunteer, who taught some of the transit youth to be hairdressers.

A Swedish volunteer taught some other youth how to wash cars and repair tires. They were also taught how to deal with customers in a good way. The tire shop didn’t go so well, so it was changed to a carpet wash.

Besides giving the youth a job and an income, the hope was that PRO Elim would generate money to FCE’s projects, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. The hair salon closed down in 2006 and a year later the car wash and coffee shop followed suit.

PRO Elim was closed for three years until November 2010 when the car wash was opened again. Two of FCE’s youth are employed there now and work alternate days through the week.