Halfway Home Casa Branduşa

There have been obstacles and difficulties in helping them integrate into society. One of the problems was renting apartments, which was a lot harder than anticipated when the young people began moving out from FCE’s transit homes to manage on their own. Because of their upbringing at an orphanage they needed one more step to successfully join society.

The half-way house, Branduşa, was completed on March 1st 2009 and in the beginning it was a project together with the state. It is a large building overlooking Marghita from a beautiful location on the apple hill not too far from the foundation’s main site. Approximately 30 youth and some families live there, and they can stay there for a maximum of two years. They have to work and pay a small sum for food and accommodation as part of the conditions. They are also supposed to save money during the time they live there, that will be a help for them to pay for a place to live once they move out.

There is at least one staff member present at all times for the residents in case they have urgent needs and questions.

The goal with the half-way house is to give the youth continued support to be able to manage on their own, to teach them to keep a job and to be accepted in the society – to give them quality in life.

The families who live there do so because they need a quiet place where they can get away from the difficulties that they have, for different reasons, ended up with.