Final Help

When the young people move out from the transit/family home, where they have lived for some years, they still need a lot of support. It is hard for them to live by themselves when they have depended on others all their lives.

In 2000, the first group of young men moved out from the very first transit home. Some of the young men in this first ‘generation’ have received help to buy a house or an apartment. This was when prices were still very low however and the young people who have moved out of transit homes in later years have not been able to receive this sort of help. The majority of these have lived in pairs in rented apartments and shared the costs. FCE’s social workers and volunteers maintain daily contact with the young people throughout these stages of there lives and, since 2006, this has been with both young men and women.

A lot of the young people need help with searching for and, perhaps even more so, keeping a job. Finance management is also a struggle for a lot of them who are lucky enough to have found employment, as costs in the area are high and incomes low, so FCE tries to provide guidance here as well. Some are able to obtain jobs withing the foundation, for example in the car wash, and others find work in marghita and the surrounding area. For some who are less educated, or percieved in a certain way, finding a job is more difficult and can become a constant battle against discrimination. FCE provides all of them with continual encouragement and advice concerning morals, behaviour and living, in order for the young people to be accepted by society. Improving their knowledge and education is one way FCE tries to help and, as well as ‘in-house’ help, several of them have been encouraged to attend evening classes to study and continue to improve their education.

FCE’s goal is to integrate everyone into society and enable them to manage on their own. The young people who have grown up in orphanages draw close to each other and want to be near to each other, so this is also a need that has to be met. FCE is their family.

Those who have been abandoned and rejected need help to see their value and learn to trust others. FCE’s dream is to see these young people fully grasp that they are loved by God and in turn reciprocate this love to others. Through receiving God’s love, we long to see them become whole on the inside.

Some of the older boys have got married and have a family.