In 1998 the first children moved out from Casa Alba and Cadea back to their natural families. These were often living in poverty so FCE stepped in and gave support where it was needed. A list of poor families was created and over the years the list became longer and longer as FCE came into contact with more families in great need. It was especially hard for those who had a family member with some kind of disability.

Around 2008 there were almost 100 families and an entire village with approximately 100 more families that received help in the form of  food and clothes packages. During the years many have received help; to apply for subsidies, to expand their houses or with something else that has enabled them to improve their living conditions.

The goal is to eliminate the need for help and in some cases this has been achieved, but immediately others come with applications for help. Many families are in very difficult situations.

Due to lack of staff and economic problems, FCE has evaluated the situation recently and reduced the level of aid. Approximately 40 families now receive food and clothes packages three times a year, but FCE is not able, currently, to help with other problems.