The children´s hospital

Many children have been abandoned by their parents. Some are just left at the newborn ward, unwanted, and others have been left there having been brought in sick to the hospital. The mothers are usually young, unaware of the damage that can be caused to the children from being abandoned and having to grow up in an orphanage instead of with their family. As well as lack of knowledge, poverty and alcoholism are often reasons why parents abandon their children.

Since 1991 FCE has worked to improve the situation for the children left at the hospital in Marghita. The children’s ward has been renovated and equipped with new beds, clothes and toys. Maybe even more importantly, FCE started to show staff and volunteers the importance of physical contact, play time, and mental stimulation, so that the children grow and develop.

Previously, abandoned children were moved to Casa Alba which opened in 1996. Since 2005 however, children under 2 years of age have not been allowed to be placed in an institution.

The number of abandoned children is decreasing, because it is harder to leave children at the hospital and the hospital has social workers who check up on the home conditions and, when it’s necessary, children are placed in foster homes.