In the beginning of the nineties, FCE started to get involved with the state run institution in the village Popeşti. It was called an orphanage and during one period of time more than 200 children of school age lived there.

The “orphanage” is seperated into two parts, the school and a boarding house. FCE made an extensive renovation to the school building and also helped in the renovation of the boarding house.

An important contribution from FCE has been, and is still, to acknowledge the children and give them attention and love. This is done through group activities, building of relationships and purposeful activities. The summer camps are also a great help in doing this.

Many children living at the orphanage are able to go to their families during vacations. Others, who leave Popeşti during term time to go to other schools, come “home” to Popeşti during these times.