FCE has a working relationship with a state run institution in the village of Ciutelec, approximately 15 km from Marghita. This used to be a home for the elderly, which is very rare in Romania since elderly people usually live with their relatives.

Today it is a home with approximately 70 places for adults with different kinds of special needs. They are placed there either because they don’t have any relatives, or because the relatives cannot take care of them. Many of them have spent their entire life in an institution.

Since the beginning of the 90s a group from FCE has visited the home every week to hold a small service, share some coffee and spend time with those living there. For those who feel lonely, this contact is very important and is perceived as something positive by those living there, the staff, and the visitors.

There is an ecumenical chapel on the premises, which the visitors from FCE are allowed to use. They want to share God’s love and give hope of a place where “God will wipe away all the tears, death will be no more and there will be no sorrow, no complaints and no pain.”

There have also been baptisms and funerals for those who don’t have any relatives.

When it’s possible, FCE arranges excursions. These can be a visit to a church (a service or just to view), a visit to the camp site, to FCE’s youth club in Marghita or just to “go out in town”. For those who have a hard time getting out, this is highly appreciated.