The Special Needs School

Together with the city of Marghita and the School Education Board, FCE started a special needs school in Marghita. FCE renovated the building, which belonged to one of the schools in Marghita, and the first class started in 2001.

It was quite unique in Romania for children with special needs to be integrated in a normal school environment. Many families in and around Marghita are extremely grateful for the opportunity to send their children to school and have the oppurtunity to gain an education that would otherwise have eluded them.

The children all have different needs and the teaching is adjusted according to each child’s abilities and difficulties. FCE also arranges the transport to and from school every day to ensure the children do not miss out.

Over the years, due to its incresased necessity, the school has become overcrowded. That is why the ground floor at Casa Alba was renovated in the second half of 2007 to make room for two new classes and, since 2009, the upstairs of Casa Alba has been used for class rooms for use by the special needs school.