Volonteering in Marghita changed her life!

My name is Sarah and what you are about to read is my story about what FCE has come to mean to me. I would prefer to start from the beginning and tell you about every single event that has led to me being who I am today. However, this is not a book, so [...] Read more

Newsletter no 3 2014

The third newsletter for 2014 is now available!


Reflections from a volunteer

About eight months ago I had an idea to ask if volunteers were needed in Marghita. I had a six month break from university and felt that I wanted to do some meaningful work. Less than a month later, I was in Marghita on a short visit and was greeted by worn out houses and [...] Read more

Newsletter no 2 2014

The first newsletter for 2014 is now available!

Newsletter 2 2014

Happy Easter!