Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for your support! Here comes some clips from the christmas party that was held yesterday. Enjoy!

On a visit to Marghita!

We had the pleasure of being able to go to Romania in October. Here are some highlights from our trip.

Mainstreet Marghita is very dear to us! It’s not that the city itself is beautiful, especially not now when the whole main street is dug up [...] Read more

Newsletter no 4 2014

The fourth newsletter for 2014 is now available!

Newsletter 4 2014

Volonteering in Marghita changed her life!

My name is Sarah and what you are about to read is my story about what FCE has come to mean to me. I would prefer to start from the beginning and tell you about every single event that has led to me being who I am today. However, this is not a book, so [...] Read more

Newsletter no 3 2014

The third newsletter for 2014 is now available!