Construction Teams

There has always been a need for renovations and construction work since FCE’s work in helping  abandoned children and youth began in the early nineties.

The first construction work involved renovations of the state run institutions to improve the children’s living conditions. This was then followed by a camp centre, Casa Alba, Casa Silvia, transit homes, the office, the depot and the youth club.

In 2008 the new guest and volunteer house was completed for use. It was initially used as an office building in Sweden that was donated to the foundation. Volunteers took the building apart and many of them also came to Romania to reconstruct it.

In 2009 the half way house Brandusa, for use by our young people, was finally completed.

In 2010 the construction of a new camp cantre in Chislaz was started and the first camps were held there in the summer of 2011.

During all these years, skilled people, mostly from Sweden, have come to Marghita to help with the construction work.

Construction trips are organised several times a year and the construction teams usually stay 1-2 weeks and work intensively. A lot of things get done by these teams and those who come also get a glimpse of FCE’s work. Many come back time after time.