Become a Volunteer

From the very start, FCE has been dependent on volunteers to help with our work among the orphans, the disabled and the elderly. Many people from different countries have been involved in FCE’s work and have given both their time and money to improve the living conditions for those who have been abandoned. Since 1995 there has been a team of volunteers present in Marghita. These volunteers have come from Sweden, USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Hungary, Finland and the Netherlands and as the work has increased, the team has grown in size. Now there are 13 long-term volunteers, who all work in the different projects run by FCE, and they are assisted by short-term visitors. There are possibilities for those who are willing to let God use them, with their gifts and abilities, in the work among abandoned children and young people.

Volunteers and visitors pay for all expenses when they stay here. No volunteers get any compensation from FCE for the work they do, but have to find their own sponsors to be able to pay for food, living expenses etc.

To become a volunteer means an opportunity to help those who have had a rough start in life. At the same time it is a possibility to discover your gifts and abilities, and to start using them. It could involve working with the children, making sure the computers and the network is working, or organising the depot, where the material aid and food are stored – all areas are important parts to make FCE work effectively. We also need volunteers who can work with media, IT, construction and maintenance of our buildings.

FCE strives to provide volunteers and employees with training and courses in order to give the children and youth the best care.  We are looking for people with education and experience to give short courses about children and youth with psychological, mental and physiological problems. There is also a need for spiritual education and guidance.

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